I feel you, Saeki.

It’s not something I hear often but it sounds nice

the realism in this game is astounding


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Wanna tussle? More on fight scenes.


Anonymous asked: How does one write a good fight scene?

Step one: Most of the time, it’ll be best to avoid starting it with the phrase “wanna tussle?”

From there, you might find these links useful:

For when things get ugly, check out On Killing Characters. 

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Sometimes, I feel like a lot of people really don’t understand Tokiya at all.


The anime really didn’t do his character justice as far as range of personality goes. He’s really such a precious thing. From his concerns about his weight and fastidiousness, his drive to succeed as an idol as Tokiya, and how he’d even give up his own happiness for it, until he realizes that’s exactly the problem with being Hayato. His wanting to be with Haruka, but forcing himself to stay away, even though it hurts them both, then caving in because he can’t, and because he hates seeing her suffer. Going through the BATSHIT CRAZY TRIAL of Shining by kjshdgks fist-fighting on the roof, with a supposed bomb about to go off and guh. He’s so sensitive, and the way Mamo makes his voice all choked up with emotion. And how he gets so strung out, and you can see how he relies on Haruka to keep him together, especially in Debut. His sexy, playful side where he gets Haruka’s clothes all wet so she’ll have to stay over, or teasing her about wanting to make her cry. And then his utterly romantic side where he tricks her into putting on a veil making her think it’s rehearsal for a project he’s doing, then saying it’s a rehearsal for their future. skjhgsdjhg  Tokiya has all these deeply complex angles and he can be so sweet and so sexy, but also so deeply unsure of himself. I think I completely fell for him when he pretended to be Hayato and was testing Haruka, prodding at her to see if she’d choose Hayato over Tokiya. And then giving her advice about himself. jkfhgkfdg He’s just a little bit crazy, really, but there’s so much going on in his head, and he’s so utterly adorable and more than just a cranky sourpuss and I really wish more people could love him like I do ;A; 


This is Tokiya. TOKIYA.


And this.


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He deserve so much more love than he gets, he really does. I just can’t handle these feels. 

Police Investigations/Crime Scene



Any general tips on writing a police investigation/crime scene?

So u wanna write police procedurals… or maybe your story just requires you to write a crime scene. Works too. 

Furthermore, I encourage you to do more research. All you can or require to make it more believable. Talk to the police officers of your community if you can, read books, go to google. All my advice is that you don’t pay much attention to crime TV series as they tend to make everything faster therefore letting details out.

EDIT: you should also think about which crime was comitted, since it’s logical to assume a murder crime scene will be different from let’s say a robbery, at least in some details. 

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