Celebrity Darling Love Duet - Spring Event CG

STARISH’s offical affection and feelings towards Nanami Haruka.

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Love Letter From Thief X CGs//Spinoff//The Origin of the Black Foxes

Ka bara bara~!
by Anubis (CV: Kaji Yuki)
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ringabooty wanted to know what Anubis sounded like, so here ya go.

※For those of you who aren’t familiar with the game, Anubis speaks in a unique language that no one other than Thoth is able to understand. Yui of course learns it later on. But before that happens, he pretty much talks like this. Poor Kaji-san, lol.

 Takeru Totsuka  | Japanese God of the Seas and Storms 

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Golly gee! Well, hit me up with the jerky smart ass, then!

"Genius" are you sure xD

"Hum… I think they meant "arrogant SEXY genius" But it’s not bad… I like even more how grandma Joshua is describe as the "awkward traditionalist" Nice one grandma!" *smirk*

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i thought i had lost all ability to write

but then along came kamiaso and every single word oniisamaa has ever told me 

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